Chiropractic Healing

Chiropractic Healing

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Chiropractic healing is a unified discipline, but it employs a number of different techniques. Mixed chiropractors add still more healing methods by combining the discipline with other practices, such as acupuncture, while straight chiropractors center their efforts on treating subluxations through spinal adjustments and attendant forms of therapy.

Some of the more common forms of chiropractic healing include:

  • The Logan Basic Technique, using gentle adjustments at the base of the spine to correct damage
  • Applied kinesiology, a type of therapy which treats the muscles around the spine rather than the spine itself
  • Cox Flexion Distraction, which stretches the spine to facilitate chiropractic healing
  • Orthotics, which uses specialized shoes or braces to address problems with posture
  • Motion Palpitation, using thrusts against the joints to correct pain or discomfort
  • The Thompson Terminal Technique, which employs a table to facilitate chiropractic healing across the entirety of the spine
  • Atlas Orthogonality, which is a recent technique that uses x-rays to identify the problem and specialized sound waves to move the bone back to its proper position

Chiropractic Healing Is Unified by a Number of Basic Notions

Whatever the specific technique, chiropractic healing still abides by the same central principles.

"...Whatever the specific technique, chiropractic healing still abides by the same central principles.."

As part of the central nervous system (along with the brain), the spine is connected to every other part of the body. Some pains can be traced back to interference in the nervous system, causing everything from aching joints to high blood pressure. By making adjustments to the spine, the chiropractor can make the nerves function correctly and the problem will diminish or vanish altogether. Racine Chiropractic Wellness Center in Winter Park specializes in Atlas Orthogonal treatments for chiropractic healing.

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