Chiropractic Testimonials

I Had Come To The End Of My Rope!

"I had seen family practice physicians, neurologists, gastroenterologists, acupuncturists, all to no avail. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a teenager and it began to take over my life. I also suffered serious chronic headaches and migraines to the extent that codeine, even several pills over the course of a day, did not alleviate the pain. On top of these symptoms, there were a host of nagging stomach problems and bodily aches no one had answers for. Doctors gave me the pat, catch all answers that really never applied to me or my situation. It came to a head last spring, the pain and fatigue forced me to quit a very lucrative sales position. After resigning my health further deteriorated and I was bedridden for almost three months. This was completely unacceptable. I was a very active 28 year old husband, and father of
two, and I have been involved in youth ministry for many years, when all of a sudden I could no longer function physically, emotionally or mentally.

Then by chance my mom ran across an ad in Cornerstone magazine describing Dr. Racine's practice. We figured we may as well give it a shot, what have we got to lose? Now I urge anyone suffering from my types of symptomology or problems that have not been addressed or helped by mainstream medicine by saying, "Hey think what you have
to gain!" My first week of treatment caused a dramatic improvement in my struggle with headaches. By the second week my migraines were gone and the tension headaches were few and far between. As my headaches lessoned, the drugs that were supposed to "Manage" my headaches were not necessary and my stomach problems began to clear up as well. As I continued the treatments my body was given the opportunity to heal itself.

Through the wonderful and clear explanations of Dr. Racine and the staff, I realized that my problems did in fact have a cause, and the cause could be treated. The treatments and or adjustments, have given my life back to me. I am once again able to function at levels I had nearly given hope on ever seeing again. My energy is up, my immune system is stronger than it has been in ten years, and my migraines are gone completely! I still occasionally have a slight tension headache, but an Excedrin is all it takes to get me through to my next adjustment. Dr. Racine is one of the very few doctors I have dealt with that took the time to get to know me and my medical history. His care and concern, combined with his knowledge have gotten me back on my feet, and I wholeheartedly endorse his treatment and his practice. Thanks Doc, my wife's husband, and my children's father came back! I am actively raising my children and ministering part time in a local church, none would be possible without the care I have received from Racine's Chiropractic!"

- Ken Adams

"This is simply amazing. I thought I would have to live with chronic pain the rest of my life, but after 2 weeks under Dr. Racine's care, my life has changed drastically for the better!"

- Greg H.

Why Dr. Racine Rocks!

"In August 2004 I contracted Viral Meningitis. As a result I was left with debilitating migraines and a daily, constant sharp pain in my right eye. No matter how many doctors I was referred to, no one could give me an explanation or offer any solutions other than medication. By December 2006 I was on seven different prescriptions for migraine prevention and ended up in the hospital with unexplained entire body "muscle spasms." With continued migraines, no answers from the medical community and an insinuation that it was "all in my head" I became depressed. Not knowing how I could continue to live my life in such pain, my PrimaryCare Physician put me on anti-depressants, bringing the total to eight prescriptions a day. I was only 34. In May 2007, my husband and I moved to Orlando from CT.With an effort to eliminate stress, I was now working from home. One day as I sat at my desk trying to work, tears rolled down my face in defeat. I just could not handle the pain any longer. Sobbing, I begged my husband to please help me. Again, he searched the internet for anything that sounded like it might remotely help. Having already tried a Neurologist, Migraine Specialist, a Neuro Opthalmologist from Yale (which included a misdiagnosis and more meds), CAT Scans, MRA's, MRI's, Physical Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy, allergy testing, a plethora of prescriptions and eliminating any food/drink that was known to cause migraines, we were open to anything."

"We stumbled across a site about TMJ and Neuromuscular Dentistry, a progressive treatment that claimed to help people with migraines resulting from severe TMJ. (TMJ causes the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and jaw to overcompensate and strain, causing painful headaches and migraines.) After meeting with Dr. Castellini and undergoing the testing, I was certain this was the answer. Every symptom I had made sense to her and she was confident that NMD could help me. The treatment consisted of re-aligning my bite, to allow the muscles in my jaw to relax, and aligning my Atlas if necessary. I had no idea what "my Atlas" was and to be honest, I didn't care. Whether it had something to do with the Rand McNally Road Atlas in my trunk or not, all I cared about was feeling better.

After one month of wearing a retainer to re-align my bite I was feeling well enough to come off of three prescriptions meds that I had been on for four years! I continued my monthly visits for Tensing and personalized adjustments but my improvement seemed to plateau. Since I was still having pain in my right eye and intense muscle pain in my neck and shoulders I was referred to Dr. Racine for further evaluation."

Having been to so many doctors I was a little cynical and skeptical. I thought for sure once I had finished telling my story, Dr. Racine was going to think I was a nut-case. A pain in my eye everyday for four years... How many times can I be asked if I've had my eyes checked? The complete opposite, Dr. Racine VALIDATED everything I said and gave me solid explanations! Everything I said made sense to him too. We confirmed with x-rays that my Atlas was indeed mis-aligned.Dr. Racine suspected that most of my symptoms would begin to go away once we aligned my Atlas. Given I had been suffering for four years Dr. Racine suggested that it may take a while for my body to fully heal and that I should be patient. (Right about now is when my cynicism kicked backed in.I'm thinking to myself, "Is this guy just trying to drag out my treatment for money?" Even though I never got that impression from him, I have to be honest, I thought it.) As it all turns out Dr. Racine has been right about EVERYTHING! When I had my Atlas adjusted he told me I would probably feel pretty crapy for a few days since I had been on so many medications for so long. I thought, "Yea, ok. How could one tiny bone affect me so much?" He was right, I felt like crap alright. I felt like I had the flu, every part of my body ached. By the fourth day I started feeling better AND the pain in my right eye was less intense. I couldn't believe it! Even my Massage Therapist commented on how relaxed my muscles were. I continued my treatment, religiously. Along with checking to make sure my Atlas was still in place, Dr. Racine addressed a past injury to my neck and my scoliosis. It's all connected... By the end of the second month of treatment I had come off the remaining migraine prescriptions and was only experiencing mild migraines with my period, more than likely hormonal related. Dr. Racine suggested I start a detox program tohelpmy body cleanse itself from the years of medication. Again, he said I would feel like crap. This time, I believed him. And again, he was right. After the first week I started to feel really good both physically and mentally.There something wonderful about feeling like your insides are clean after taking so many medications.

When it came time for me to move my treatments out to once every three weeks, I of course tried to push it out to four. I came crawling back begging for mercy. It's like Dr.Racine knew my body, what it could and couldn't handle and how long it would really take to heal. His knowledge that our bodies are "self-healing" allows him to treat the body, and not the symptom. This allowed me to heal, on my body's time, and not mask the problem. What I really love about being under Dr. Racine's care is that I never feel alone, in the dark about what's going on with my body, afraid to share how I'm really feeling or like I'm being taken advantage of. Doc has all kinds of wonderful "supplemental" suggestions and I never feel like he's trying to sell me anything. He tells me where I can find it either online or in a store. I like that, it makes me feel like he's really sharing something that he thinks would help, no matter who I buy it from. His sincerity is refreshing. He's an indispensable resource for all things good for me. His Health Class is packed with information and helpful tips for living healthy, an absolute must. No matter what I ask, he takes the time to share with me what he knows. Just one person trying to help another, and that my friend... is why Dr. Racine ROCKS!"

- Tia Carrizo

"Quite frankly I am living pain free and with energy... Thank you for saving my life - because before your treatments, I thought my life was over."

- Jaime C.

I Never Knew What It Was, Not To Live With Pain

"I first started feeling pain in my back 30 years ago. Then it progressed to my neck. Over time the pain went to all the muscles in my body. I never knew what it was like not to have pain somewhere. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find an answer. I experienced many tests and diagnostic tools …MRI, x-rays and so on. I took pain killers, muscle relaxers and other drugs. I still could not get any relief. Finally, the doctors said it must be in my head, since they could not fix me.

Here it is thirty years later and the pain in my neck has progressed to the point of headaches and my back was hurting so much I could not turn over in bed at night or walk without pain. It was at the time that God answered my prayers. My friend in New York told me of an Upper Cervical Doctor in South Florida that had saved his father from a neck operation.

I determined right then and there to seek this doctor. When I called him he told me that a very experienced Upper Cervical Doctor had moved to the Orlando area. I was delighted. This meant that I would not have to drive to South Florida for treatments. I called Dr. Racine and made an appointment right away. Dr. Racine took lots of time explaining what my problem could be. Then he took x-rays. The next day he showed me my x-rays and pinpointed my problem. He gave me a treatment with a special machine, which measures everything for each individual problem. The treatment was completely painless. I really didn't feel it at all. Then he put a cervical collar on me and told me to wear it for several hours. That night he called me to see how I was. I felt wonderful!

For the first time in years my neck was not hurting. I have been back for several treatments, because after being out of place for so long it has taken time to heal. Now five weeks later I am pain free. I have energy. I sleep well. I thank God for bringing Dr. Racine to this area. He really cares about people and has dedicated himself to educating people and helping them to get well."

- Jean Jaramillo

"I no longer feel hopeless, but energetic and healthy."

- Heidi C.

My Nightmare Ended When I Found Dr. Racine

"In 1995 I fell on my right wrist while standing on a chair. This was the beginning of my nightmare. My nightmare ended in July 2003 when I found Dr. Racine. I was diagnosed in 1998 with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. I went to countless doctors for my pain, had three surgeries and I tried various treatments as well as lots of medication and still I only continued to get worse. I had lost all hope of living a normal life ever again. I spent most of my time sick from the medication and in bed with severe pain.

I saw Dr. Racine on TV and decided to call him. We spoke for a while and I saw him the next day. Dr. Racine found that I also had DBD and began treatment. After aligning my atlas, which was very off, I had immediate relief not only from the RSD symptoms but also from other health issues. My TMJ symptoms disappeared and have not returned, my thyroid medication has steadily decreased, and my asthma has improved. The depression I suffered from due to the pain and not being able to do much of anything is gone. All the medication I was on (about seven hundred pills a month) is a thing of the past. I only occasionally have to take something for pain and Dr. Racine has me taking only natural supplements which are working great.

I can't believe how far I have come in such a short time after so many years of suffering. This treatment is unbelievable. I tell everyone about this miracle whether they feel pain or not. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Racine and all his knowledge. I'm now enjoying life again. Dr. Racine has not only changed my life but he has changed the lives of all those who care about me. They no longer have to watch me suffer everyday or constantly worry about me. Thank you Dr. Racine for giving me my health back."

- Kimberly Harmon

"After one adjustment I started to feel better."

- John E.

Words Cannot Begin To Express How Much Dr. Racine's Care & Understanding Has Helped Me

"A few years ago I had the good fortune to run into a man who was looking for an apartment. As I was showing him what our community had to offer, we discussed the reason he was looking for a new place to live. He told me he was new to the area and was going to set up his chiropractic office. I was looking for a new doctor and having not been satisfied with the care I had received from several local chiropractors, I pursued the conversation. He told me he was a specialist in a new kind of care. Hmmmm, now I was very curious. When he told me he did brain stem manipulation a bell went off in my head. This was exactly what I had been looking for. The more he told me about the procedure and the healing it could provide, the more excited I became. I wanted to set up an appointment to see him right away but he told me he had not opened his office yet. Although he did not rent an apartment from me, I begged him to keep in touch. I was in great need of help with several problems that ordinary medical doctors could not seem to pinpoint, or relieve.

Months passed and I left that community to work a few miles away at one of our other properties. One day I called the old property and learned I had some mail. Learning that it was Dr. Racine, I asked them to send it immediately. I can't believe they had been throwing it away and had not contacted me. Dr. Racine had been also trying to reach me by phone. Unfortunately, our company policy dictates that we never divulge an employee's address or phone number. I knew he was the doctor for me by his persistence in trying to locate me. I was in his office within a few days of getting his telephone number.

Word cannot begin to express how much his care and understanding has helped me not only as a doctor but also as a person. Aside from his great personality and wit (so unlike regular doctors), he truly cares about his patients. He listens carefully and even suggests related opinions for my care and well being. I have never had a doctor that explains procedures and results in the detail and clarity that he has. He makes you feel like he is a partner in your healthcare not just some egocentric dictator issuing orders. You never feel like you are being rushed thru your session, he is never distracted and "thank you Lord" I never have to wait more than a few minutes for my appointment. As for treatments he provides, I cannot say enough. I had been suffering from a bevy of ailments that although not life threatening was diminishing my quality of life. Things like headaches, muscle pain and spasms, digestive, elimination problems and serious menstrual difficulties. For years I suffered from sciatic episodes, sometimes so bad I would fall down and severe heartburn, as well as allergic conditions. Probably the worst were my mood swings and outbursts of anger. I knew I needed medical care but going to ten different specialists was out of the question (even with insurance). It never occurred to me that all these maladies could be related. They all came from one source, a misaligned vertebrae and a choked brain stem. Sitting in the manipulation room reading all the possible side effects of a restricted brain stem was more than a wake up call; it was the answer to all my prayers! I had to laugh when I realized there were only 5 things on the chart I DID NOT have. I don't think I have to tell any of Dr. Racine's patients the absolute relief I felt upon reading this or the sense of elation finding out that the only doctor could be the remedy to nearly ALL my ailments. In the two years I have been a patient my health has improved 100% and the quality of my life is GREAT!! It is rare that I have to consult another doctor for a medical problem.

With my body now finely well again I can keep in tune with my body. Understanding what it needs to maintain my health and well being. My 16 year old daughter has suffered from many of the problems that plagued me. She is also under Dr. Racine's care. By starting treatment at such and early age will be to avoid a lot of conditions she would have later in life. My mother is under treatment as well, with Dr. Racine's mentor Dr. Pierce. By looking at the three of our x rays together you can really see what happen throughout your life without alignment. I am happy to know that I will not have to suffer as my mother did and my daughter is rather ecstatic knowing she has avoided what we did not. It is a shame that more people don't understand just what brain stem manipulation can do. I never miss an opportunity to try to help other people as Dr. Racine has helped me. I think it was divine intervention that brought him to me and I am forever grateful. On a personal note I would like to commend Dr. Racine on his incredible patience because I am the worst kind of patient and he has never held that against me."

- Lori Wood

"I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing any pain or discomfort to visit Dr. Racine because he can truly work miracles for you."

- Jonathan D.

"My first reaction to hearing about Dr. Racine and his upper cervical practice was. "What do I want with another doctor?" So, I read the material and went to a lecture and thought it actually sounds too good to be true. I skeptically made an appointment. After all I have been under some doctor's care or lumbardic scoliosis since I was 6 years old and for various other maladies along the way, so what a difference will one more doctor make! Five years ago I became one of allopathic medicine's casualties. I briefly saw one neurologist who told me that I could drive my car as long as I didn't drive into much traffic, an orthopedist, neuropsychologist, gastroenterologist, ENT balance specialist, endocrinologist, pain specialist and internist and going for the prescribed rehabilitative therapies 5 days a week for almost two years. This was the result of being assaulted by an autistic client, and suffering post concussive disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) with accompanying depression and other bodily injuries. The most aggravating was the reoccurring loss of balance, constant blurred vision, trigeminal nerve pain in my head, face and neck, and the inability to keep my head up for a period of time without feeling like it was going to fall off my neck. The rest of the pain and discomfort in my body, and periods of confusion I learned to live with. Needless to say, having run the gamut of doctors and being told to learn to live with it, I was not coming to Dr. Racine with any great expectations.

Much to my delight, I found a very caring and compassionate doctor who took the time to listen to me and even believed me. And what was even better, SECONDS after the first treatment, for the first time in almost 5 years I was able to see without feeling like I was looking through a screen. It was absolutely remarkable. That was 4 months ago. I'm one of the tougher cases because I had lots of insults to my body, and lived for sixty years with nerve deprivation due to the atlas not being in place and scoliosis of the spine. BUT, I am getting better and better. I am no longer an uncontrolled diabetic. I have not needed insulin since my first treatment, and am taking a minimal dosage of oral medication. My vision has only blurred when my head didn't hold the treatment. My head no longer feels like a bowling ball waiting to topple off my neck. All else is gradually improving and I am not in constant pain.

Best of all, God has given me a doctor that takes the time to call me at home to make sure that I am all right, and he actually answers and returns a phone call! I highly encourage people to undergo treatment with Dr. Racine."

- Sara Fine

"Dr. Racine,

I can't thank you enough for helping me with my neck pain. I have had headaches all my life and I had been having shoulder, neck and jaw pain for about a year. Although, my neuromuscular dentist had been able to help me with my TMJ, I was still having neck and shoulder pain. At her suggestion, I sought out an AO Chiropractor. That is when I found you! From the very first visit, I could tell a difference. My pain diminished and my body felt "different". I had so much energy I didn't know what to do! I am not 100% better yet, but I know I am well on my way with your help. Thank you for all your help and health advice. Although I was skeptical, I took the Noni Juice you suggested for my allergies. It worked! The only time my allergies have bothered me was on the day that I forgot to take the Noni. Amazing! It is wonderful to have a doctor that truly wants to make his patients better instead of just giving out more pills to mask the problem.

Thank you again!"

- Bev Kim

"I had not known a day or hour without a headache for over 20 years. My pain due to degenerative cervical disease had me almost incapacitated. Dr. Racine has been the best.

I have had many doctors through the 20 years of pain management, but Dr. Racine is the most compassionate doctor I have dealt with in all my years of dealing with my pain."

- James C.

"Greetings Dr. Racine!

As I collect my thoughts, throughout the years under your care, a sense of peace fills me.

After a frightful epidural experience with the birth of my third child Samantha, I felt I would truly remain limited in my physical abilities & with pain.  To complicate matters, Samantha had a history of horrible ear infections and had been on too many antibiotics that were useless.

For the first year of Samantha's life - I was moping around as if I had delivered a week earlier! I began to think enough was enough. The aches and pains of post delivery should have been long gone by then. I began seeking Advanced Chiropractic care a year after Samantha's birth.

Dr. Racine was very thorough with my care, never spending any less then 30 minutes working on me and educating me. I felt great, & I was able to resume routine daily activities!

During one of my appointments, Dr. Racine offered me a great deal of information on the benefits of chiropractic care with children. When I learned that children with ear infections had obtained a high success rate using Upper Cervical chiropractic, I was hopeful in bringing my daughter Samantha.

By the time I brought Samantha to Dr. Racine's, we were on our second set of failed antibiotics for that episode, and I feared the only way to relieve her infections, was by implanting ear tubes. It wasn't long after she began treatment with Dr. Racine that her ears not only cleared of the infection, but the fluid back up was gone as well.

That was about 5 years ago and since then; all three of my children and I continue maintenance care under Dr. Racine and we are doing great.  My son began playing football recently and I feel safer knowing that our spinal care is in good hands.

We are forever grateful to you Dr. Racine"

- Chantale Mumma

"You've really helped me live a normal life again."

- Greg H.

Thank God!

"I have been a flight attendant for 14 years and my job entails baggage handling, lifting people with disabilities to and from their seats, lifting heavy trays with drinks and other numerous duties. The turbulence every day also really battles against your body! Over the years I have had 5 on the job injuries and 2 surgeries from those. I have tried acupuncture, massage therapy, as well as other chiropractors since i was 16 years old but to no avail. I heard of Dr. Racine and Atlas Upper Cervical Care after a serious car injury in March 2010. I was very skeptical since no other Chiropractor had seemed to help.

I suffered from sternum pain, migraines, back pain, neck pain, TMJ issues and have also been diagnosed with Lateral Compartment Syndrome in my right leg as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in my body. I had been suffering with all of this since 2007 and was desperate for help when i went to see Dr. Racine. He changed my life!

Now i don't suffer any more with sleepless nights and pain 24/7 like i use to. I go to him for monthly adjustments now and look forward to my visits because he is so encouraging. Thanks Dr. Racine for helping me live life to it's fullest!"

- Melissa Hawkins


"I was scheduled to have low back surgery. I was installing kitchen cabinets in a lady's house one day when my back gave out. She told me to go see Dr. Racine. They had to carry me in since i was bent like a pretzel and could not stand straight. After some exams and X-rays, he treated my Atlas bone. I was for sure skeptical but i went home to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later pain-free. He kept my body and spine working right, so i cancelled my back surgery. Simply amazing!"

- J.B.

"Gifted and blessed with the ability to heal, Dr. Racine turned my health problems into a thing of the past. I've seen Dr. Racine for six months, and my body and mind feel great!

In 2007, I was having some nerve issues in my face and legs. I let the symptoms continue for a while, thinking they would go away on their own. But over time, the tingling and numbness got consistently worse. Eventually, I decided to go see a general practitioner, who was baffled by my symptoms, saying the diagnosis was beyond him. He recommended that I see a neurologist. The problem didn't seem too severe, so I thought I would try the dentist first since most of the disturbance was in my facial area. The dentist also recommended that I see a neurologist. By this time, I was beginning to get a bit more worried.

I made an appointment with a neurologist, and he diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I went to another neurologist for a second opinion, and her diagnosis was the same. She told me of a few drugs that have been known to help MS symptoms. She then told me (and my mom-I was 28 at the time) to think about the course of action I would take. After much prayer and soul-searching, I decided not to take medication because my symptoms were not severe and did not warrant giving myself shots full of chemicals everyday for the rest of my life. At my next appointment, I told the doctor that I did not intend to take the medicine and that I planned to eat better and take care of my body naturally, giving it what it needed to heal itself. She assured me that I was signing my death certificate and that she would not be my doctor unless I chose to take the medicine. The scare tactics used by both of the neurologists would enough to make a lesser-informed person crumble, but I stayed strong and pursued natural pathways to healing.

Over the next weeks and months, I worked on my diet, consuming only the most-natural whole foods. I also prayed fervently. My word for my relationship with God that year was TRUST. Over and over again, I exclaimed that I trusted Him to put the right people in my life at the right time to heal me. He absolutely came through on His end of the deal!

Dr. Racine is one of the people God put into my life to help me along my healing journey. Since being under Dr. Racine's care, I have not had MS symptoms. As a side note, he often tells me that he does not treat the symptoms - but rather the body, spine, nervous sytem… and I respect his approach to healing the body. He says that the symptoms (i.e. headaches, tingling, pain, etc.) are just the alarms telling you that something is going wrong in your body and it needs attention. Suppressing those alarms with things like painkillers just quiets them, and the fire that needs attention continues to grow stronger. My brother is a firefighter, and Dr. Racine gave an analogy that helped me understand. He said, "It would be like your brother getting called to a house fire, and when he arrived on the scene, all he did was hose down the fire alarm and leave without putting out the fire that was burning down the house. He may have extinguished the noisemaker, but he hasn't fixed the bigger problem. The house is still burning down! How absurd would that be?" The same is true for our bodies. Every day, we take things like Advil and Aleve to make it through the day. Such methods are how we extinguish the alarms that tell us "something's wrong!" Problems are allowed to get bigger & more severe in the meantime.

The first thing Dr. Racine did was align my Atlas in an "orthogonal" position, which simply means that he put the top bone in my neck into the right place, to stop compressing on my brainstem. He explained that this bone is integral to maintaining good health and wellness. If it is out of place, it cuts off signals to some of your nerves, which in turn creates problems… pain (in some people) and numbness and tingling (in other people) and organ dysfunctions and illnesses (in others). Once the Atlas is put back in place, your nerves are able to work as intended, allowing the body to heal itself as it was intended to do.

Recently, I asked Dr. Racine to recommend some supplements that could help my healing progress along even faster. He used a great technique called Applied Kinesiology to test me for the supplements my body needed. I have spent many hours in vitamin stores and reading supplement books to determine what supplements would be best for me. I find it a frustrating process. I was hoping he'd have answers, and HE DID! He didn't just recommend supplements because he thought I could use this or that; he actually tested me for the supplements that my body needed, which helped my body to heal faster!

It has been outstanding! I feel like a new person! My memory was slipping, and I feel like it is coming back. Along with my nutritional supplements, Dr. Racine discovered that I had increased levels of mercury in my system, so he recommended a product to help detoxify the heavy metals from my body.

After he explained his findings for the supplements, I went home and researched the effects of mercury on the body. Unbelievably, MS and mercury poisoning have virtually the same symptoms. I feel like Dr. Racine discovered the true root-cause of my symptoms through his tests. He has never made such claims, but I can tell you that he has played an essential and integral part in my healing process. I honestly don't know where my health would be without Dr. Racine! Other symptoms I also had, like headaches, neck pain, back pain, hip & leg pain… are all much better as well. My whole body is getting better with Dr. Racine's Advanced Chiropractic care.

Thank you Dr. Racine for using your gift of healing to help so many people! You have blessed my health and, in turn, my life!

Your ever-grateful patient"

-Karrie M.

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