The Chiropractic Difference

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What we offer at the Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Winter Park, is very different than what you have encountered or have heard about in the chiropractic world, and medical world.

The Chiropractic Difference

There is never any cracking or popping. It is very specialized, advanced, state-of-the-art natural healthcare that is based & focused on solving the root cause of health problems & pain... while being very gentle & specific in its delivery.

One of the main themes we hear often from people is: "I just didn't know there was a different kind of chiropractic! If i would have known... i would have sought this out years ago!".

Let's face it - many people know chiropractic helps alot of pain/problems. But many people are afraid of getting cracked or popped, and therefore will just not see a 'regular' chiropractor! Our difference, is that it is always gentle, safe, and best of all - effective.
Also - while many people state that their condition was aggravated or worsened by regular, old fashioned crack-n-pop chiropractic; with our advanced chiropractic specialty - people get better, not worse!

There are no side effects when under the care of a doctor who knows these advanced methods.

While we average a 90% success rate... we do not claim to help 100% of people, 100% of the time. Frankly, that may just not be possible. But statistics for the average chiropractor is roughly about ~60% success rate with different pain/problems. So a 90% success rate is a real, huge advantage!

Typically - you will need less visits to get you well & stabilized under Advanced Chiropractic care, than 'traditional' chiropractic.
So when you consider all the differences, if you are like most people - you choose Advanced Chiropractic because it is more effective, it is gentle without cracking or popping, and it saves you time & money when you need less treatments to get you out of pain and back to health!

The Medical Difference

This is an all-natural form of health care. We never give you medications, drugs, or injections. We also do not do surgery. Our philosophy is: Try Advanced Chiropratic first, then drugs & surgery as a last resort.

While under our care, our focus is to resolve the root cause of your problems. We do not mask your symptoms or underlying cause, with medications.

This is not to say that all drugs & medications are bad or useless. On the contrary. But the USA has approx. 5% of the world's population... yet we consume 70% of all the drug/medications made in the world! This is a "sick care" model, not health care!

Another interesting tid-bit you may enjoy about our office. Much of the time, you do not wait on the doctor! We run on time, most of the time. And if we do get behind, it is typically a few minutes. Not hours, like in most medical offices. We also do not run an assembly line, like many MD or chiropractic offices.

At our office, you are treated like a friend or family - with respect, while we take time to investigate the source of the health issues or pain, and work on fixing the source (not just the symptoms).

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