Healthy Pain-Free Living, Why is it so elusive?

Chiropractic Winter Park FL Healthy Pain-Free Living Book Dr Racine

In his valuable book, Dr. Racine outlines simple & realistic solutions for better health and pain-free living.

Described are 'pillars of health' that, when applied to your life, will create a huge positive impact on your health & body now.

If you are confused about what it takes to gain health, in today's fast-paced world - this book is for you. Common sense guidance and applications, that is sure to shed light on how to create health in your body, mind, & spirit.

Real health solutions, broken down into simplified concepts, by a serious expert in the human body.

For purchase, in office or message us through the website.

Dr. Racine, your Winter Park Chiropractor, has received great reviews on this book.

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