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There is an absolute difference between regular, old fashion chiropractic... and what the chiropractic care in Winter Park we offer! And there is never any cracking or popping!

Most people have gone & tried a chiropractor before in their life. But like any other profession... not all chiropractors are created "equal".

Although standard chiropractic works well for many problems & pain – many folks simply will not go to a 'regular' or 'old fashion' chiropractor because they do not like their neck's cracked or their back's popped!

Another problem in today's world – is that managed health care and insurance companies pay so poorly nowadays... that many chiropractors are forced to see higher volumes of patients to make any income. When that happens – unfortunately... you start having clinics that look more like a factory line, then a doctor's office! Insurance companies pay less – so these doctors will see higher numbers of patients per day, to compensate. It becomes a mentality of "quantity vs. quality". This is sad – but true. But not here at the Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Dr. Racine Believes in a Different Approach

Quality is always key! Whereas at another chiropractor's office – you may be in & out in a few quick minutes... at the Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we do things differently.

Dr. Racine believes it starts with a complete health history & consultation. Then we move into a very thorough examination of the spine, the muscles, the nervous system, etc.

If x-rays are needed, then specific views are done of the body parts that are only essential. Dr. Racine does not believe in doing x-rays all over the body – and a new patient walking out of the first visit with 10 x-rays and a large bill! Only what needs to be done. And what needs to be done – is done correctly and thoroughly.

When Xrays are taken – they are studied intently to help find the specific root cause of the problem(s).

We Report All of Our Findings to You

On your second visit at our clinic – before you are treated, Dr. Racine goes over his 'Report of Findings'. Patients are never left in the dark. We put it all on the table, sort of speak, and explain to you what is going on. We go over several key points:

  1. If anything is wrong...
  2. What is it, that's wrong or not functioning properly in your body...
  3. How the problems are connected or affecting your pain or health...
  4. Whether Dr. Racine can help you or not...
  5. If we can help you... how much help will you get from these Advanced Chiropractic treatments and we'll tell you what to expect...
  6. and finally, a 'care plan' is put together specifically for you. You will know Dr. Racine's recommendations of treatments and length of the care plan.

Some people with minor issues may only need a few visits to resolve the pain/problem. Others may need several weeks of treatments to get them not only out of pain, but also to stabilize & correct the root cause of problems & the spine.

Everything is Explained to You - Clearly & Simply

This is all explained verbally to you in your 'report of findings' on your second visit. Dr. Racine also takes the time to write out a written report for you to take home as well, that explains all of this

Nice Doctor & Staff

One of the common themes we hear from our patients at this point, is how nice the doctor and the staff are. You are treated like family here. We listen to you & your concerns. It is easy to tell that we care about your problems and resolving them for you. Patients always make comments like: "in all the doctors I have seen in the past... Dr. Racine has to be one of the most thorough & competent doctor I have been to".

We take the time & effort to discover the 'root cause' of your problem(s). Getting people out of pain – is often easy. What becomes hard... for some regular doctors, is to 'correct the root cause of problems' and keep people well & out of pain.

If you get pain relief after a treatment – that's great! But if all of the pain comes back, time and time again... what are you really accomplishing?!

Here, we do care about 'pain relief'... but we are more interested in getting you well... so that you stay well! The medical allopathic model is great at 'masking' symptoms temporarily. Take an Aspirin - the discomfort goes away for a little while. We take a different approach: get to the root cause of your body's problems... and keep you well for life!

3x a Week for the Rest of Your Life... NOT with Dr. Racine's Advanced Chiropractic!

Another common statement we hear often from our patients is: "I used to go to a different chiropractor before, and I felt like I had to go all the time to feel good". Not here. We put together a unique care plan for your initial treatments, and once the root cause of your problems are corrected & stabilized – you have the freedom to be pain-free and live your life, without visiting your chiropractor 1 x week forever! Some chiropractors suggest 'maintenance care' of 1 x week. That's alot. But with Advanced Chiropractic – we typically see faster results, and [you] will hold your adjustment/treatments for much longer, usually. Here – after you are out of pain... if you decide to continue with 'maintenance care'... maintenance care is not 1 x week like at other chiropractic offices! We find that absurd. Check up visits maybe monthly for some... for others it maybe 4-6 x year. Our patients love this! They feel great and out of pain – and even though they like visiting our office... their 'maintenance visits' are much less frequent under Advance Chiropractic care, then with 'standard' chiropractic care.

We Get Results

Our patients typically get better quickly & efficiently. They feel good and remain out of pain much longer under these Advanced Chiropractic treatments, then from most 'regular' or 'crack & pop' chiropractors.

These Advance Chiropractic treatments are painless. We get a lot of referrals from word of mouth – because many people do not like to get cracked or popped... and when they hear that these 'specialized' treatments are extremely gentle... very safe... and typically more effective then the 'standard' chiro treatments... it just makes sense to choose Dr. Racine as your chiropractor! Dr. Racine was also voted Orlando's #1 chiropractor!

We get a lot of 1st timers that stop by our office for second opinions. And folks are often very surprised at how many less treatments and less time under care, Dr. Racine recommends, versus the 'other chiropractor' they went to.

Less Treatments with Advanced Chiropractic

There's no specific number to this... but on average, we find that you'll need only about 1/2 or 1/3 of chiropractic treatments here with Dr. Racine... versus a 'regular' chiropractor. Because these treatments are more advanced and/or specialized – and treatments are specific and focused on areas that involved root causes of problems (instead of just pain areas)... you just typically need LESS amount of treatment/visits here as compared to most other chiropractors.

Another important fact with Dr. Racine's Advanced Chiropractic methods – is that we look at the whole spine; the nervous system; the whole body!

An Example

*For example, we often get patients with low back pain that have been going to a different chiropractor – but the patient does not feel like he/she is improving anymore. They come to our clinic. Dr. Racine finds, for example, that the person has foot or knee problems & imbalances in the foot or leg (whether there is pain there, or not!) -- and once the lower extremities are stabilized and corrected – the low back and spine starts to respond & get better.

*An analogy – on your car, if the left front tire pressure is very low... how do you think that will affect the overall car? One 'bad part' of the car – can affect the whole car and alignment.

As humans – we stand on our feet and legs. If you have instability and problems there (pain or no pain!)... it will absolutely affect your pelvis and your spine! No doubt! Dr. Racine is also an expert in adjusting and treating extremity problems.

*Another example: because your spinal cord can be 'compressed' at the top of the spine due to an Atlas (C1) misalignment... certain nerve/tracts in the spinal cord that go to the low back & pelvis muscles, can malfunction and can lead to low back instability and pain. All due to an upper neck problem. Not all chiropractors understand this advance concept – and certainly not all chiropractors are specifically trained in correcting upper cervical (Atlas) problems.

These are just a few examples.

We Are Thorough

The problem is – not every doctor is as thorough and checks out everything, like Dr. Racine. Many doctors nowadays – are in a rush to see as many patients as possible in a day... and they can miss something here and there... and the end result being, that you get "quantity versus quality" and you (the patient) do not get as good of results as you should!

No Cracking, No Popping

As stated before, this clinic uses state-of-the-art, advanced chiropractic methods only. We never crack or pop anyone's spine!
Everything is gentle, specific, and effective. We use to latest research and tools to help our patients get better fast & efficiently.

We Specialize in Difficult Cases

We treat babies to senior citizens, and all in between. We specialize in difficult cases too. Dr. Racine is well trained in how to treat injuries such as car accidents, sports injuries, etc. We also offer some rehabilitation and exercise protocols. We offer advance nutrition to our patients.

Because of the specialty nature of this all natural healthcare work – Dr. Racine can successfully help disc problems... and even patients that have already undergone spinal surgery! Now this is definitely not something many chiropractors can claim to do. We have many successful stories about post spinal surgery cases that treat under Dr. Racine's care.

Auto Accidents

We also have many successful cases of car accident injuries that recover tremendously well. When it comes to auto accidents – you have to think about two very important factors in choosing your doctor:

  1. Most MD's do not treat these types of injuries (minor to moderate car accidents)... & are not trained in soft tissue injuries, so it is imperative you find a good chiropractor that can get you well and recover from your injuries! Dr. Racine has much success in this field.
  2. Many chiropractors do not document injuries very well – so if you ever decide to hire an attorney for your auto accident case, Dr. Racine not only knows exactly what to do to get you physically better... but also documents injuries well. In the end, that typically means that (we) make your attorney's job easier and your legal case now has more value & merit, when documented properly.

Some of Dr. Steve Racine's Chiropractic Techniques Include:

  • Atlas Orthogonal – Advanced Orthogonal
  • KST (Koren Specific Technique)
  • Activator Methods & protocols
  • Applied Kinesiology (Brimhall protocols)
  • Applied Neurology
  • Quantum Repatterning Technique
  • Thompson Analysis & protocols
  • Erchonia Cold Laser protocols
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Release technique
  • Neuromuscular Soft Tissue protocols
  • Proprioception & Mechanoreception Recovery protocols
  • Lumbar Flexion/Distraction certified
  • Whiplash Trauma certified
  • Extremity adjusting protocols
  • Rehabilitation: stretches & exercises
  • Nutrition: Foundational analysis, A. K. protocols, and the Gene
  • SNP DNA program

We do not treat the symptoms – but rather the 'dysfunctions' in the body, that can lead to symptoms. Many symptoms have improved greatly under advanced chiropractic and Dr. Racine's care.

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