Upper Cervical Chiropractic Overview

Brain Messages Direct ALL Body Functions!
Research is showing that body imbalance and brain-to-body disruption of communication can cause all kinds of pain or health conditions. Upper Cervical Atlas Orthogonal, Advanced Orthogonal, and EPIC doctors do not “cure” anything. We remove neurological, spinal, and muscular interference – so that the body can work properly. The human body can heal itself in many different ways if it is given what it needs to heal, or if ‘short circuits’ in the control system (nerves) are removed. Upper Cervical Atlas Orthogonal doctors remove the nerve interference so that the body can heal itself.

brain messegesPlease note that 2 people can be diagnosed with the same condition and after their Atlas is corrected, the condition in one may be completely eliminated, while the same condition in the other person may only improve somewhat.
Carpal tunnel is a good example of this. If the problem is actually in the wrist, then correcting the Atlas may help the condition only minimally. If, on the other hand, the Atlas is causing irritation in the nerves flowing down into the arm and into the wrist, the carpal tunnel is likely to improve remarkably.
Note, however, that if there are any kind of spinal problems – the Atlas misaligns as a compensation mechanism. And the reverse is true as well – if your Atlas is out of proper position, your spine will become imbalanced. It would be a fair estimate that 99% of the population has an Atlas problem. It depends on how much interference to the brainstem & spinal cord, as to how much ‘pain’ or health issues the person will have.
Correcting the Atlas and restoring brain-to-body communication and body balance will, at the very least, help them cope with their condition better.
For example, if you are 65 years old with a lot of arthritis, you not only get 75% out of pain… but you will feel better, more balanced, have more energy, and your quality of life overall will improve.
Atlas and brain-to-body nerve connection is not necessarily about pain or symptoms. It is about the body working to its optimum capacity.

"For the condition to improve or be eliminated, the root cause or distortion or disruption of brain-to-body communication, has to be removed and resolved."

The bottom line is this: For the condition to improve or be eliminated, it has to be caused or complicated by a distortion or disruption of brain-to-body communication or by body imbalance. If it is being caused by something else, such as a chemical imbalance, a genetic problem, or some other cause, then it may or may not be helped by Atlas treatment.

body imbalanceGood results within a couple of treatments, not months or years.
Keep in mind, however, that if your atlas is out of position, having it repositioned can have wonderful side affects!! We often get reports of people who have undergone the Upper Cervical procedure for one condition, and as a result, have had other conditions be corrected. For example, a man who was having severe neck pain and headaches realized that after a couple treatments, his energy levels were much higher and his constipation was gone!
Or the woman who had severe firbomyalgia and got under Upper Cervical care, noticed that her diabetes was getting under control, and her insomnia was gone! The reports we get of wonderful side-effects goes on and on.

One little bone can cause so many problems.
Notice how one bone can affect the wellness of the body overall. When the Atlas is out of position, it affects every other bone in the spine, causing body imbalance from head to toe. It also disrupts the brains ability to communicate adequately with different parts of the body. Every part of the body that is not getting proper brain messages is deteriorating.
It is amazing how many symptoms can be traced back to Body Imbalance and Brain-to-Body disruption of communication. What symptoms are you experiencing? Is it possible that you also are suffering from body imbalance and a disruption in brain to body communication?

body balanceBody balance and health restored.
When an Upper Cervical Spinal Correction is made, Body Balance is restored. Stress, tension and pressure from the area below the Brain Stem are removed. This reactivates the flow of healing messages from the brain to the affected part of the body and immediately, the self-healing process begins.
It is imperative that you have your Atlas examined.
It’s role in overall health is so crucial, you need to at least rule out the possibility that a misaligned Atlas is involved in your condition(s).
But if 99% of the population has an Atlas & brainstem problem – it is likely you do as well, and will benefit from Upper Cervical Atlas Orthogonal treatments.
We have a 90% success rate at getting pain and health issues resolved & improved!

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