Winter Park Insomnia Treatment

Winter Park Insomnia Treatment

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As it relates to chiropractic, insomnia treatment is designed to reduce pain and correct bad habits that may be contributing to sleeplessness. Often, insomnia is a temporary condition, in which case medication or a simple adjustment period can correct the problem. In other cases, physical therapy may be needed to address issues in the neck and lower back. A shift in lifestyle and means of improving health, such as exercise or a more sensible workload, may also help. Chiropractic treatment is often preferred by those who can't take medication for insomnia due to other medical conditions or who don't feel comfortable using pills to regulate their sleep cycles.

There are many causes of insomnia and not all of them entail treatment with chiropractic therapy. They include:

  • Substance abuse, creating restlessness and insomnia
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns caused by a shift in locale or new work hours
  • Menopause and hormonal changes caused by the menstrual cycle
  • Medical conditions, such as acid reflux and chronic pain, some which can benefit from chiropractic treatment
  • Psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression and various emotional disorders

 Physical Therapy Uses Relaxation as Insomnia Treatment

Recurring insomnia may require more intensive treatment, such as the kind offered by chiropractors.
"...Recurring insomnia may require more intensive treatment, such as the kind offered by chiropractors.."

Adjusting misaligned bones to deal with lower back pain or upper cervical conditions may correct the disruption of nerve impulses leading to insomnia and reduce the discomfort keeping the patient awake. Chiropractors can also suggest methods of improving sleeping posture, such as cervical pillows or support for the lower back. If chiropractic treatment is required, Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Winter Park, Florida offers services to address insomnia.

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