Chiropractic Physician In Winter Park

Chiropractic Physician In Winter Park

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Chiropractic physicians focus primarily on the alignment of the spine, but that discipline can be used to treat a number of different conditions. The term specialists use is "subluxation," which is the misalignment of a bone in the spinal column. It can be caused by any number of factors, from car accidents to poor posture. Subluxation places pressure on the nerves in the spine, which can cause problems over any part of your body as the connecting nerves start sending the wrong signals.

Chiropractic physicians work to correct subluxation by resetting the bones to their proper positions.

"...Chiropractic physicians work to correct subluxation by resetting the bones to their proper positions.."

When coupled with rehabilitation therapy and similar treatments, this can address a number of conditions, including:

* Whiplash and similar injuries in the neck

* Muscle tension, sprains and joint-based aches

* Osteoporosis and posture, which may require collaboration between a chiropractic physician and a different type of specialist

* Bladder control problems

* Respiration issues, such as asthma and emphysema

* High blood pressure and similar vascular issues

* Dizziness and nausea

* Sleeping disorders

* Addictions, such as cigarettes, and eating disorders

Chiropractic Physicians Use Updated Technology

Many people think of the procedures used to care for such conditions as very hands on and direct. A chiropractic physician typically uses simple instruments or his hands to realign the pertinent bone. However, many chiropractic physicians make use of improved equipment, allowing for more gentle correction of the bones. Sonic percussive instruments and advanced x-rays can pinpoint the problems more accurately than before and treat subluxation with less invasive techniques. Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center has chiropractic specialists in the Winter Park, Florida area.

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